People are complex. Software doesn't need to be.
And we understand this better.

Recipe for success
We let our clients dream big and complex.
We simplify the solutions with the
right technology & great user experience.
Modus operandi

It all starts with listening to your pitch.
We then go back to our lab, do our research - not just on the problems but also on the market pulse, business trends & the needs of the end user.
We present you with a practical blueprint of the solution with its scope and tech-stack.
Faster release cycles

Small team. Quick milestones.
Continuous communication. Periodic delivery.
We are a lean, agile and a no bullshit team. At the end of every sprint, you enjoy a vertical slice of the actual software.
Our employee feedback portal is always open.
This makes us nimble and helps us get to Version 1.0 fast and early.

Modus Vivendi
Effy is a team of smart, happy, humble, considerate and responsible folks whose touch/quality/vibe cascades into the software that they write.
We care and play 8 ball.
We Care!
When we say we care,
we mean, we care for you career,
your family, your hobbies,
your time at gym, and your cat.

There you go, we've said it!
Staying late at office is not hard work!
It is poor decision making.

Shut down your computers at reasonable time, be gone; Go home & live your life the way you always wanted.

  • No leave policy
  • No work hours tracking
  • Work from anywhere
  • Mandatory vacation
  • Half days on Wednesdays - 4.5 days work-week.