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The Team
We help each other to be great in what we do and we take employee feedback seriously.
Senthil Kumar Muthamizhan
Senthil Kumar Muthamizhan
Founder & CEO
Beck creates, leads and directs the overall movement at effy. Having 10 years of technological and entrepreneurial experience, he promotes creativity and happiness at workplace.

Philosophy excites Beck. He likes to workout, addicted to runner’s high, plays the guitar, reads J Krishnamurthy and lives in the moment.
Joseph Christopher
Joseph Christopher
Co-founder & EM
JC leads engineering, architecture and delivery at effy, liaising between customers and internal teams. Having spent 8 years freelancing & building SaaS products, he has an eye for user experience and is obsessed with customer happiness.

When he doesn't read about startups & businesses, he dives into financial markets, aviation, and cuisine hopping.
Utkarsh Mishra
Utkarsh Mishra
Technology Lead
Utkarsh drives and develops Products technologies at effy. He has been bootstrapping technology stacks for 6 years, hence fulfilling his instilled passion for placing the right Engineering solutions for the right problems.

He loves the fresh air around Mountains, treks around them, reads about Travel, Emotions. These days, he is found exploring beaches during evening strolls.
Sagar Patidar
Sagar Patidar
Lead Developer
Sagar develops technology solutions at Effy. Entrepreneur by heart, he has worked with a couple of startups in education, logistics, e-commerce and agritech sector.

He loves to travel and explore new places, hobbies and food. These days, he is exploring options to give back to the society.
Arihant Kumar Jain
Arihant Kumar Jain
Data Scientist
Arihant loves to code, explore and build models on the datasets. He comes with over 5 years of experience in data science. Mixing programming and data science to solve people's problems excites him..

Arihant spends his spare time volunteering for an educational cause and playing badminton.
Laharika Smrti
Laharika Smrti
Product Engineer
Laharika is a young developer of our team who is passionate in developing exciting stuff. She is a confident individual who knows her strengths & stands her ground. She aims at adding value to her projects by gaining knowledge through experience.

Adding to it, she is also a talkative, cheerful, easy going girl who loves pet and goes crazy for ice cream and Dragon Ball.
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Current Openings
EngineeringFull stack developerPython, Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, Javascript, Git.
DesignHead of DesignDesign systems, branding, digital media, front end frameworks.
MarketingInternCopy writing, social media management, SEO.
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