The future of efficiency.

We enable companies to chase bigger dreams, by transforming their status quo with minimalistic, agile and highly efficient operational solutions.

We are Effy

We are a technology studio focusing on creating minimalistic, agile and efficient solutions for companies that are keen on achieving utmost productivity in our day-to-day operations. Our services enable you to:

Reduce operating costs

We deeply understand the complex and multi-faceted nature of supply chains, and therefore we help you focus on the key areas that will lead to the highest returns, without compromising on the quality.

Improve product quality and services

With companies becoming highly dependent on multiple suppliers from across the globe, choosing the right supply chain partners is critical to avoid large scale quality issues,service deficiencies, recalls & increased costs. At Effy, we help you establish quality performance and measurement through Customized and Comprehensive Quality Programs (CCQP).

Improve customer service

Businesses must take advantage of every opportunity it can to stand out from the competition. And if a company has great customer service, it can get a leg up on the competition. Our solutions help companies to deliver products to customers faster and with greater accuracy, maintain optimal inventory levels so you always have what customers want in stock and capture customer sentiments & perceptions.

Reduce risk

Understanding and preparing is crucial in creating a sustainable and high performance supply chain, and for this to happen, businesses need to profile their risk exposures carefully and in depth. Our solutions allow you to mitigate and anticipate by studying product movement, forecasting disruptions, managing inventory, capturing supplier sourcing etc...

Get products and services to market faster

With increasing number of competitors and the dynamic nature of the technology, businesses are expected to optimize their product development processes so as to grab market share and revenue. Effy helps optimize your product development process by helping you to manage your resources effectively, to predict and anticipate your time to ship, manage revision control etc..

Create a ‘greener’ supply chain

Companies today are nudged to adapt greener supply chains so to boost public image and to improve financial gains. However, many companies are still unaware of the the potential cost benefits tied to this metric. At Effy, we pride ourselves in catering to greener supply chains through minimalistic and eco-friendly technological solutions. Our mantra is “More smiles with less carbon-footprint”.


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The Effy-Culture

Our foundation, is exemplary

At Effy, we follow the 3L(Listen, Learn, Lucid) paradigm religiously. The 3L paradigm helps us grasp a crystal clear understanding of the problem at hand, and hence we worship it at all times.

Our mindset, is analytical yet practical

We love deconstructing and diagnosing processes into their most constituent parts, to identify the black, white and gray areas. After all, it is the parts that make up the whole.

Our delivery, is best-in-class

We excel in creating robust, coherent and well-rounded products for our clients. After all, the quality of the product reflects the company culture in its entirety.

Our technology, is contemporary

We understand the dynamic nature of technology and hence we strive to go after the next big thing, to keep ourselves and our clients relevant and distinguished in today’s world.

Our design, is minimalistic

Our product offerings are meant to be neat, orderly and to the point. We detest clutter and unnecessary information.

Our conscience, is immaculate

We are a socially conscious team by principle and we pride the fact our employees are always doing their bit towards creating a greener planet, be in their day-to-day lives or at work.


We enable companies to chase bigger dreams, by transforming their status quo with minimalistic, agile and highly efficient operational solutions.

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